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FPC 2.6.5



As I can see on fpc bugtracker there is an FPC 2.6.5 release (Scheduled For Release 2014-04-19), but I can not find it anywhere on ftp to download it.

Is there any place where I can download it ?


odd number versions are strictly development version and never released for example the 2.6.3 version released as 2.6.4 but there where never a 2.6.3 release and it will never be one. So 2.6.5 is the development version of thenext 2.6.x release which will never come don't waste your time it has been said that there will be no more releases in the 2.6.x series of compilers.

Correct.  2.6.5 is more or less a staging area for a few post 2.6.4 hotfixes. Typically most of them are updates to debian buildfiles instead of real fixes.


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