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Not sure if this is the right topic to post this in...... but
I wanted to give a BIG thanks to somebody!  I used to use Pascal, and Borland's
Turbo Pascal a lot, back in the 80s.  Most of those apps have gone into disuse,
but one major one I did was to convert Gerber photoplot files to raster format
for my laser photoplotter.  I've been running this under VMware for a time,
but it is getting annoying.  It still has the 8.3 filename restriction in the file
browser windows from TPW 1.5.

I trued using FPC first on a smaller program, and found it handled many
of the Borland extensions very well.  So, I dived into the big program, and
already have it mostly running, after only a few hours hacking!  This is
AMAZING, I thought I'd have to rewrite the program in C or something,
but this will save me weeks of work.

So, again, THANKS so much for FPC!



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