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I use Ubuntu 14.04 and have just started working with Lazarus. I downloaded version 1.2.2 from and everything seemed to to fine, but sometimes when I build a project, the program stops responding and throws exception 'External: SIGKILL'. It is not about my code, even with HelloWorld it sometimes builds and works fine. but sometimes when I press 'Run' it creates a Form (does not show HelloWorld) and stops responding. Do you have any idea why this happens?

problem is because libpixman isn't compiled with -mstackrealign so it crashes.
Download source package of libpixman and rebuild it with -mstackrealign and it'll work.

I downloaded it, but have no idea how to rebuild it...

I rebuilt libpixman-1-dev with -mstackrealign option following these steps: It did not help...


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