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« on: April 28, 2014, 10:32:31 am »
Hi there

I have to add variables on new report so after some search I try

Code: [Select]
    for cnt := low(DefaultVarStrings) to High(DefaultVarStrings) do
      if rapport.Variables.IndexOf(DefaultVarStrings[cnt])<0 then

and discover that it's a liitle more complex. When just doing this, when I go in file menu/variables list, can't click on a var without a sigsegv exception.
After some search, I found that I have to add values to report, if I don't, showvarvalue proc in LR_Ev_Ed hangs up.
At this point, I made two things :
  • patch showvarfunc to handle if value those not exist and raise a more explicit explanation
  • modify my code in order to add values

Now the question is : do I add a function to frReport for adding variables safely ? do i commit the modification of showvarvalue ? or both ?
laz 2.06 32b - fpc 3.04 32b - win10 64b


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