Author Topic: what is difference between using qt/qml directly and using lazarus/qt widget?  (Read 5584 times)


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With Lazarus one uses LCL/QT. The main programming interface used from applications is LCL, not QT directly.

This means that you can switch to making native apps (LCL/win32) on e.g. Windows that work without QT.

Note that this is the first order principle. it is possible to use additional widgetset calls (like QT or win32) besides the LCL interface for special cases, and that of course is not
portable to other widgetsets.


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With Lazarus, you never deal with backend widgetset directly, what you code and has to know most of the time is only LCL interface. This means you can switch widgetset and recompile project seamlessly to create several look and feel for your app, without any code change or conditional compilation. In certain cases, widgetset specific call can be done though.

With QML, your code is strictly limited to Qt.


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your comment welcome

Actually there is working QML port created by guy named "trx" on lazarus-ide irc channel, so better to ask him.
Afair he used that for maemo and it was ok.


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