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whats the diff between FreePascal and Lazarus ?

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Hello & Thanks :
Pls, whats the diff between
FreePascal  and  Lazarus ?

You're registered for almost 2 yrs at this forum, you have 18 posts and you still don't know difference ?
FreePascal (fpc) is compiler, while Lazarus is RAD IDE and it uses fpc as compiler.

What about RTL, FCL, and LCL?  :P

Broadly speaking the RTL and FCL have been developed by FreePascal developers and are part of the compiler domain, and the LCL has been developed by Lazarus developers to support both the Lazarus IDE and RAD in general - but of course there is overlap, and cross-fertilisation both ways.

Hi !
I can confirm that you can create a GUI (windowed) application by only using freepascal stuff (RTL+FCL). In fact, it was what fpGUI and MSGUI does.
By using LCL stuff (TControl, TWinControl, TForm, TPanel etc), everything would be easier and faster.

Without LCL, you have to create all widget (Graphical User Interface) by your self.
This way, your application will only requires free pascal compiler (ppc*.exe) and freepascal stuff (RTL+FCL).
You will need to build your own widgetset inherited from TComponent (not TControl due TControl is defined in LCL).
You need a proof ? this one is a proof:

The best of I can confirm is that we can :

* Create a non-LCL application using Lazarus IDE
* Design the visual / non-visual component of that non-LCL application using Lazarus
* Compiling non-LCL application using Lazarus into executable and libraries (*.exe, *.dll, *.so)
* Debugging..
* and Running non-LCL application inside Lazarus.
* Install non-LCL visual component through Lazarus's Component Palette
* Drag-drop in non-LCL form designer as easy as you could do with your daily TForm
* (almost) Do whatever you usually do with LCL, all done by still using : Lazarus !
* ...
* See below attachment (only if you are logged in to Lazarus Forum)
The pictures are real screenshoot, not a mockup.

Thanks to Lazarus & FreePascal teams (expecially to Mattias Gaertner) who make it happens.
Above possibility has been opened via his demo: \Lazarus\examples\designnonlcl
And I continue this demo to create another widgetset (experimental).

You might want to ask this question: "What's diff between Lazarus & LCL" ?
In my perspective, Lazarus is all-in-one you need, included Integrated Development Environment.
LCL is Lazarus's heart, brain, blood and Freepascal is it's back bone.
However, it was too hard to replace LCL with non-LCL in the speed development, maintainability, and stability. I create non-LCL application is for fun. :) (y)


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