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International Olympiad in Informatics and FCL-STL

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Dear all,

I am a Computer science teacher and each year I have many students (aged 13-18) participating in the greek national programming contest. As a pascal fan myself I have always insisted on teaching pascal for this is the best options for beginners + it is a great option for more advanced students/programmers.

My only other serious option is C++ (because of the STL). Everything works well when i use pascal for beginners, every year that is. But when a student is getting better he/she has to proceed to C++ because of not having the same tools as STL provides to a C++ user. Very few to none of the top coders use pascal in the national programming contests and the International Olympiad in Informatics.
This is a huge loss of time. Instead of focusing on algorithms and data stractures they have to study C++, STL.
I believe that a great step forward the acceptance of Free Pascal in Education can be the development of the fcl-stl library. As I believe it is preinstalled in the 2.7. versions. When there will be a stable version for this? Is there any fcl-stl manual? The organizers of the International Olympiad in Informatics (this year held in Taiwan) can be formaly informed about this, a press release maybe as well? Also for the next academic year every major national programming contest organization should be informed too I believe. If there is anyone that has any ideas of how can I help in the development of this project please tell me so.

Dinos, Greece


FCL-STL is already pre-installed with stable Free Pascal versions. It comes with Lazarus and is to be found in the fpcsrc packages. There is also documentation included in form of TeX files.

A very short overview of FCL-STL is provided in the Free Pascal wiki, but it clearly deserves some extension and reworking.

Here is a pdf of the creators of the fcl-stl Vladimír BOŽA, Michal FORIŠEK I'm attaching it because I do not remember where I got it from and I would rather not spend time searching for it.

As you will understand your self it was design so it can be used on olympiad from the start.

Thanks for providing this interesting paper. It has originally been published in volume 6 of the journal Olympiads in Informatics that is available in full text from


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