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I am doing some Linux and I have replaced TImageList by TBGRAImageList in LazPaint. There was another bug of offset of drawing that was added to images in toolbars. Now it's fixed on SVN and TBGRAImageList works fine again.

bcimagebutton.pas now has Assign and AssignFromFile methods and the property TextVisible
new TBCPixel in bctypes.pas to use in components
property change: .res files not ignored (will be used as standard resource in next lazarus)
bgracontrols.lpk: required packages min BGRABitmap 7.2

Now you can use TBCPixel instead of Tcolor+alpha in the object inspector. Suggestions are welcome. Instead of creating a property editor for the ide i've implemented this...

wow, nice to see bgra-controls back

Yep, I agree. Thanks Lainz for keeping alive this package :) . When I finally find more time I'll add new features. Beauty of open source ;)

A lot of downloads this week, seems that this is still used by users, that's good!

Required packages min version: BGRABitmap 7.3

Minimum version of BGRABitmap is now 7.3 that has a lot of improvements that will be used in controls.


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