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The new BGRA Controls is available on GitHub:



Delphi Compatibility,24176.msg303533.html#msg303533

If you like BGRAControls please support us

in svn r2
- Now all *_icon.lrs are in the 'icons' subdirectory
- Now all *.lpi has Debug and Release compilation modes (added 'automatically' with Lazarus)
- Now licence and readme are in the 'docs' subdirectory
- Added 'LoadFromFile' and 'SaveToFile' methods for some components
- Deleted, added the code directly in bgraimagemanipulation.pas, since no other unit is using it

BGRA-Controls 3.0
I think that is everything ok so it has no sense keeping this in alpha.

Wow great website!  :)

Thanks, is a single html template from the people at Bootstrap, grab one and just write!
You know, is as simple as uploading with ftp to the web files of your project. And SF has more like databases and php too, so you can install a forum or a wordpress site-


- streaming with LoadFromFile and SaveToFile methods
- Bitmap loading with BitmapFile and LoadFromBitmapFile
- Smoother Animation and now can be enabled or disabled
tests: save settings in lps files
other: version 3.1 svn

bcbutton.pas now can be assigned from file with the method AssignFromFile, it styles the control from a saved file with SaveToFile method

basically the revision 4 is all we wanted some time ago! To skin our BCButton with simple and editable text files at runtime. It can be added for all components implementing 'Assign' in each one and then AssignFromFile, that's a modified version of LoadFromFile.


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