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UDP Client is not working

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I have a problem with UDPServer and UDPClient from Indy 10 in Lazarus on Fedora 16. When I compile the project for UDP connection, I can't to see where is the wrong.
In the attached file, I am posted screenshot for error report.
Please, help me!

Just a guess, form would somehow be creating client before the server (wouldn't surprise me, alphabetically C comes before S), and therefore not be able to connect. You could ensure that by setting Active to false, and in the startup, for example TForm's onCreate event set it to true.

I make the follow changes on the screenshot as an attachment

Where I am not ok?

In your code you're creating the server.  BUT it already exists on your form, so there is no need to create it.

Comment out the Create lines, leaving just the Active lines.  See what happens.  (And I'm not saying this will work either, just saying that the create is definitely wrong...)

Also, are you sure nothing else on your PC is using Port 8012?

I deleted create lines, but it says 'Socket Error #98' from attached screenshot.

I set to Firewall Port 8012 with UDP protocol for enable, but nothing, socket error 8-)


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