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some bugs on wince;


1. Empty Edit boxes are seem like a thick line on wince device (m3green wince 5)

Temporary solution ;

I set up default text on edit components. so they are look like normal edit boxes.

2. Labels are dont shown in page control tabsheets.

Temp solution:

I put a panel on tabsheet and move the components on the panel. Seems likeo k now but this must be revised

Thanks for your comments.

Have you checked out the restriction browser in Lazarus to see whether these are known problems for that widgetset?

Please always post your Lazarus and FPC version (see first link in signature below) - very important when dealing with wince.

Lazarus 1.2 and fpc 2.6.2 (latest relased version + clean install. my pc is win7 64 bit)

And i have checked the rstristion browser.. Wince section is empty.


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