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Linux + Wine + Lazarus1.2 + FPC

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Hello, I'll only share one experience here.

I needed to test one package yesterday. I run on Linux+Qt 64-bit, so I can test Qt and GTK2 but I wanted to test on Win32 too. I decided to try Wine.
I have installed Wine 1.7.14-1 and I downloaded new Lazarus 1.2 (file lazarus-1.2.0-fpc-2.6.2-win32.exe).
I executed the file - Wine automatically started and downloaded something so installation ran successfully (BTW it installs to /home/{$USERNAME}/.wine/drive_c/lazarus).
I executed Lazarus - works fine - and I installed my *.lpk package. It's well known that Lazarus needs rebuild and restart due to static linking. Here is the issue: during recompilation it freezes on file "main.pp" (I tried twice).
The solution is easy: FPC 2.6.4. I installed fpc-2.6.4.i386-win32.exe and sources(!) from
Now it works fine.

Thanks! Good to know. I use wine for a few app with embedded Firebird2.5(test on XUbuntu and openSuSe), everything works well.
Best regards!


For those who are under Ubuntu, I also post a feedback, on the recent successful installation of Lazarus under Linux\Wine (being under Ubuntu 18.04, this should allow me to test code written under Lazarus\debian\Ubuntu, not working properly, once cross-compiled for Win64 and copied in the /home/.wine/drive_c/test_appli directory), like this:
- download of the latest version for Win64 (currently lazarus-
- installation of PlayOnLinux from Ubuntu's software library for GNOME: globally, this program creates Wine containers by copying a .Wine directory specifically for each application that is asked to be installed. It allows you to partition each installation into a virtual Wine, each with its registry, dlls, etc (AFAIK): it looks like multiplexed installations of couples of [Wine + an application], a bit like Snap, but for Wine.
- then, you have to tell PlayOnLinux that you are installing a custom program; you tell how the drive_c subdirectory will be called (I answered "Lazarus"); then, you have to go and choose where the installer's location is; the installation starts; finally, we can create shortcuts (towards Lazarus.exe , uninstalxxxx.exe, etc).
- Lazarus launches well under Wine, and compiles :) .

Thanks for the info.
Is it only possible via PlayOnLinux? What if you only used Wine for the install? Did you try it?


--- Quote from: justnewbie on May 22, 2019, 06:29:37 pm ---Thanks for the info.
Is it only possible via PlayOnLinux? What if you only used Wine for the install? Did you try it?

--- End quote ---

I did, and it works mostly OK. There may be some problems with some of the more esoteric API calls, but nothing to be worried about.


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