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There is nothing special about using the form designer for Windows CE projects. Just any visually designed project you have should work for Windows CE. Ok, you will want to make the form much smaller =) or else it won't fit the screen of a PocketPC.

What is special is the build process. There is a step-by-step tutorial for getting the windows ce build environment ready here:

The first step on this tutorial sends you to another page, so you can build a cross-compiler. Basically you need to have Free Pascal 2.0.2 installed on your computer, and you will use it to compile the subversion compiler to create a compiler that can generate WinCE executables from a Windows machine.

Here is tutorial about how to do this:

Also, you may want to use the subversion version of Lazarus, because it contains bug fixes and improvements for windows ce not on the stable releases yet.

Just follow the steps on both tutorials carefully. After this, it should just work =)

There is currently no special forum for Lazarus and Windows CE, maybe we should create one.

The mailling list can be a good place to ask for information for windows ce, but so is here.


Is it possible for the Lazarus team to create an Install for WinCE stuff so that people like me can start testing it. The manual way to setup is too hard and time consuming. I have tried it but just can't seem to get the thing to work.

I would have liked to start testing stuff now but I think I'll wait until the install is ready.



Just wondering if anyone noticed my last post.



Vincent Snijders:
Yes, I noticed. Good to know that there is at least one person willing to test such a package.

Thanks for replying. I really want to start using this and see if I can use it to write applications.




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