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Comparison Lazarus compiler with others
« on: March 10, 2014, 09:04:05 pm »
Hello, Lazarus team!
Recently I met with the Lazarus.
I had an old console program such bruteforce numeric values.
It was compiled on Delphi 6. It was recompiled on 32-bit Lazarus 1.2.0.
The program showed increased performance. 13 seconds on 70 "cubes". (Delphi 6 = 25 sec.)
(Than more cubes then longer bruteforce.)

I also begin to learn С++ and translate all program to C++ in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and compile it there.
I'm beginner in C++ but translation was "1 to 1" such logic, such functions (except syntax).
Program showed 40 seconds on 70 "cubes". С++ disappoint. Lazarus respect!!!

Files (sources and binaries) attached in ZIP. Comments and explanations are welcome!
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