Author Topic: Don't understand the instructions for cross compiler setup for RasPi  (Read 2087 times)


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Could someone clarify the wiki instructions here please.
I understand you have to get the .so libraries from the RPi to the PC development directory and rename them to give them all the same single .so extension but there are many files that would have the same name as a result.
I am going to proceed by transferring the extension numbers to the back of the name without the dots and assume the files will still be searched by the compiler unless anyone suggests a different path.
It is also not clear if the instructions mean that any script files should be deleted.
Also I am confused about the Freepascal compiler version and where to get it. It seems to want 2.7.0 but I can't find a snapshot of it with Lazarus so if someone can point to it I would be grateful. I currently have 2.6.1 that I thought I read somewhere it was the same as 2.7.0 but I am confused.


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