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Hi and hello to all,

in the first please excuse my very bad english because I'm a native german speaker. I'm very new here and I don't know if this is the right forum to post my question (but I've don't find another one).

My "project":

The target is to build a very small textmode Linux-USB-Bootstick / Live-CD! (the stick and Linux is working very well). This stick should be a very development environment for working with cross compiling to AVR-ATmega / ATtiny microcontrollers.

For that I have to work with AVR-GCC and I need a good textmode console editor for beginners.
I've thought I use Freevision to generate a "Beginners IDE for AVR users". Everything works well, my project can be compiled for PC under Windows, Linux (Slackware) and Raspberry PI.

Now my problem: In my IDE i use the Unit "editors". In the first I was very happy that this editor works on my every three targetplattforms. But now i must see, that the editor of this unit is extremly buggy (and the Unit editors taken from Turbo Pascal 6.0 should not work because the using of assembly code and heap-management in the unit buffers).

Than i've tried to use the editor from the source of FPC. I've not able to compile the source units of FPC for using for my own project and I'm not able to append the wceditor / weditor to my project. And I think this editor is to big for my project.

After searching the web for hours, i haven't found any unit with another unit editors. Has anyone a unit editors without the bugs by horizontal and vertical scrolling ? (Because I'm not able too, to find the bugs in the unit).

So, again, please excuse my very bad english, I can't write it better.

Nice greetings from germany


You are very welcome here. But if you prefer there is a German Lazarus board too.

I haven't used the textmode parts of fpc. So I cant tell you much about it.

You are using that comes with fpc?

You are using this in your own code?
Or you use an existing IDE that is build on this? (You are aware that fpc comes with a textmode IDE (fp / fp.exe)?)

Yes, I'm using the freevision part that comes with the FPC (Version 2.6.2).

In the first I've written my own IDE (with the units that comes with FPC). In this IDE I inserted the unit editors (the same unit that is used by the demo called myapp.pas).

I detected, that scrolling in this unit is very buggy.

So I'm in search for another unit ! I had the idea to use the original unit used in fpide, but this one uses so much other units and I'm sadly not able to compile the unit because every time FPC asks for two not avaible units.

In the end I'm in search of a simply editor unit (perhaps with the same interface like in Turbo Pascal 6.0)

:-) thanks a lot for your nice welcome to me !

Well, if you the bugs are reproducible, and you can demonstrate them in a small a test program (excluding any of your own app logic, so making sure, there is no interference), then you can report them on mantis. (bugtracker link in the menu on the left).
That does however not give you an immediate solution, since there is no say when they might get fixed.

I also strongly suggest to take a copy of the the topic to the fpc -pascal mail list.

This may increase your changes of finding an answer.

Hi jjflash,

Are you aware of SETEDIT and RHIDE?  Both are C++ programs based on a ported Turbo Vision (the C++ version).  SETEDIT is a programmer's text editor, RHIDE extends it and adds IDE features.  You might be able to use them directly as they already have very nice support for C/C++ syntax highlighting and GNU compilers.


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