Author Topic: lazarus and fpc compile fails on beaglebone  (Read 2323 times)


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lazarus and fpc compile fails on beaglebone
« on: January 31, 2014, 11:29:10 am »
I dont know weather to put this is bug tracker or here.  Will try here first. I am using beaglebone black armv7.   I have lazarus on saucy ubuntu for now but I have encountered same problem on arch arm linux with fpc. Upon doing a compile it fails on or after ifdef statements this happened on 2 completely different program sources.

error message...

/root/Downloads/lazarus-ccr-svn-2892/components/synapse40/source/lib/synaser.pas(232,22) Error: Identifier not found "B500000"

here is the actual code segment.
    ,(460800, B460800)
    ,(500000, B500000),  //   errors here

I cant remember exactly but I believe both errors were after same "IFDEF UNIX" conditional.  Any help would be appreciated.

Wanted to just say, I have few programs that run correct on X11 xfce, but lazarus seems rock solid! Guess thats a complement to coders!

Thanks Jay


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