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Layout types, saved layouts in menu
« on: January 24, 2014, 10:16:06 am »

It will be fine to have different layouts for coding and debugging. Switching from editing to debugging layout should be done automatically after running the application. I am using this option in XE2 and I'm very satisfied. I.e. during coding on the left I use "Obcject Inspector" but during debugging "Watches".

Second will of improvement is to customize Window menu. In the office I am working with two monitors but at home only with one on my laptop. I use two different layouts saved using Tools -> "Save windows layout to file...".
Every time when I change working place I have to select Tools -> "Load window layour from file..." then select the layout file. It will be much more comfortable to add menu items to Windows menu with custom saved layouts. Of course it could be realized in any other way i.e. as ComboBox on ToolBar like it is in XE2.

Thanks for good software!
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