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Are you missing some chart control? Otherwise, no idea, sorry.

I installed TAChart but does not resolve, however, I commented on the chart and gives me other problems. It would be nice if someone tried to install the package and tell me if you get the same errors.
I compiled it on Ubuntu

Unzip the attached files, and replace subform.pas with the altered version. Compile and install subformpackage.lpk.
Replace testform.pas in the example project with the altered version.
This compiles and runs on Win32, and the subform.Post routine which crashed for the original author now behaves (at least with minimal testing).
It would be tedious to list the various changes I made, but you can see by comparing that they were not all that extensive.
This package has given me some good ideas to work with, though the GUI could certainly be improved.  ;)

Thank you very much

Howardpc Hello, I tested the package with your changes. I must be in error destroy. Exactly on the line:


If I comment it all works.


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