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Guys, time ago I saw that there is already a component that allows you to create a continuous form to manipulate data in the database. I have an array of controls db. Can anyone tell me where to find it? Once it was on the page Lazarus component but now can not find it.

I remember seeing something like that, too. Don't remember if it was on the Delphi or Lazarus side of things.

DevExpress sell a nice implementation of something like that under the name of VerticalGrid (in single record mode) - have a look if you need inspiration for a DIY.

If you can't find it, it could easily be done from scratch by looping through your dataset's fielddefs, inspecting their attributes and creating the respective components underneath each other (edits, checkboxes, memos etc.) on top of a scroll box (so you can accommodate wide tables).

You could use the hidden/read-only flags to further spruce up the whole thing.

I think I found it but I can not install it, it should be TSubForm, and you download it from here

I installed the dependencies, but it goes in error when compiling the package. Any idea?

What does  "it goes in error" mean? Is your goldfish drowning?

In other words: it is not very useful information. See the first link in my signature for more info/hints.


Before I get this error

subform.pas(65,13) Fatal: Can not find unit Chart used by subform.

then comment if the unit tells me

/home/francesco/Documenti/Lazarus_Components/subform-0.1/subform.pas(165,48) Error: Call by var for arg no. 2 has to match exactly: Got "TControl" expected "TComponent"
lresources.pp(911,11) Hint: Found declaration: ReadComponentFromBinaryStream(TStream,var TComponent,TFindComponentClassEvent,TComponent="nil",TComponent="nil",TComponent="nil");
/home/francesco/Documenti/Lazarus_Components/subform-0.1/subform.pas(286,5) Error: Identifier not found "TBarChart"
/home/francesco/Documenti/Lazarus_Components/subform-0.1/subform.pas(642) Fatal: There were 2 errors compiling module, stopping


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