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Advice please


I use fpgui In my  project ..there are no clipboard pictures *AFAIK*
The operating system is Linux and I try making a library for linking the program with clipboard GUI

Fpgui application <--> Gtk-clipboard.SO or  Qt-clipboard.SO

I've used LCL in library but this is not effective ....there is no error messages ...only the clipboard content does not change
Generally speaking ... I do not want to use the libraries in the program (if can) ...

Any advice  :)

Thank you

Do you mean you want to copy and paste images to/from the clipboard?

If so, is that functionality only required inside your application, or do you want to copy say an Image from a OpenOffice document to your fpGUI based application?

Yes .. I want to copy images (from - to) an external program.. like GIMP  or OpenOffice

OK, thanks for explaining further. The bulk workings of clipboard support is implemented, so I'll just have to read up a bit more on non-text [clipboard content types] items in the clipboard. I'll take a look and post back here as soon as it is implemented.


--- Code: ---I'll take a look and post back here as soon as it is implemented.

--- End code ---
Take your time  :D

I search for a way to support them in FPgui special xlib ....there are not many examples saves the  clipboard content to databas (to and from)..type image/txt.
I hope this helps


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