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DBImage: how to use?

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Well yes, that would be my guess as well.
Very strange - one would expect GUI components to just work together. I suppose I can
- run applyupdates for everything except dbimage stuff
- manually commit dbimage stuff if it comes up
but then I'll be commiting 2 transactions instead of perhaps 1 which the user wants.

DBImage does not know or care about the underline dataset it uses the Tblobstream to read and write data and that's all it should know. if the dataset is buffered and keeps the data in the client side or it is directly connected to the database and send the data across the galaxy in to a small planet in an other solar system it is not its business to know. If the blob stream says "everything is fine" then it is fine as far as thedbimage is concerned and rightly so, do you imagine what it would happen if dbimage required to take in to account the underline database as well before committing anything?

Well yes of course, but the datasource & tsqlquery should be handling the blobstream for me. And they don't (appear to be).

Edit: and yes, tsqlquery has weird issues with blobs - but the GUI controls/Lazarus part should abstract that away IMO.
You should just be able to slap together some controls and have a working solution... sort of the idea of RAD IMO.

I suppose I won't escape diving into the source code sooner or later as I suspect more people must have wanted similar things as I.

Done for today though ;)

Well before runding I should make it a habit to check my facts first so should you. After a couple of minutes of debuging and playing around with persistent fields I can say that the blob update is not cause of your problems. The Full_Name field is since it is a computed field and not a physical one you must remove it from the update query. Do something along the lines of
--- Code: ---procedure TForm1.SQLQuery1AfterOpen(DataSet : TDataSet);
  dataset.FieldByName('FULL_NAME').ProviderFlags := [];
--- End code ---

and see how far that will get you.


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