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Hi felipemdc
Thank you very much time and effort you've done, in the realization of this great Widgetset  :)
we can know the status of your work ?!
thank you again

Its going slowly ... contributors are welcome ;)

Hi felipemdc
I have implemented some functionality for  multiline type TCDEdit customdrawn.
I wanted to ask how should I check in my contribution.
Should I email the code to you? or do a pull request to a repo and merge the code by myself.
If you are the same guy as Sekelsenmat in lazarus forum I have seen you worked on this about three years ago. am I right? ;)
It would be a great pleasure if you guide me how to contribute.

Thanks for you care  :)


--- Quote from: mahsabadian on August 13, 2015, 07:59:31 pm ---I wanted to ask how should I check in my contribution.

--- End quote ---
Log into Mantis, select the "lazarus" project, file a report explaining what it does - I recommend you pick the sub-section "patches" or simply put "[patch] - your subject line here" as the report title. Then attach your patch file to the report. Somebody with write access to the repository will pick it up, review etc.


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