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How to configure Lazarus for debug a proyect


(Lazarus into a Linux system)

When my proyect is running and crashs, only a tipical 'Invalid floating point operation', for example. I need the line where the code crashs.

if I wrote in "Debugger Option" this:

- GNU debunger (gdb)
- /usr/bin/gdb (yes, it's here)

But no work properly.

Can you help me?
Do you know information about this?


Make sure that you don't use a launching application (run parameters)

If this isn't the case what output is there in View-Debugger--Output ?

first thanks to all people that made Lazarus :)
I think It will be nice to include a working binary of GDB in the distributions (linux, especially win32). I`ve tested debugging under win98,XP and linux.
under 98 - not working, at console I see: "[TDebugManager.DoInitDebugger] A" and message dialog "The launching application "C:\mingw\bin\gdb.exe" does not exists or is not executable See Run->Run parameters->local".
under winXP works, (i don`t know how to evaluate variables)
under linux works even better :-)

Vincent Snijders:
First I would like debugging in windows to be a bit more stable. If I think debugging is stable enough (for example you can add/modify/delete watches and  show stacktrace),  I will release a new lazarus installer. I will include a working binary of gdb too, of course.

I deliberately left it out, to lower the chance of getting bug reports about these known issues.


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