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fpgui support full theming ?!!

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Hi Graeme, hi all.
I'm trying to create some themes for this nice widgetset, but I still blocking, TfpgStyle does not allow to customize all, most components have their own procedure HandlePaint that handles all or part of the drawing of the component, for creating a full theme i need to rewrite almost all components, and i can not modify images in fpgImages without affecting all other themes ...

sorry for my bad english

Only if you can not find a solution for fpGUI theming, maybe some alternatives may be of use:,21911.msg128785.html#msg128785

I thought I modified all widgets to use the fpgStyle instance to do the actual customised drawing. I'll take another look tonight. In the mean time if you have some specific examples of issues, just let me know and we can come up with some solution.

Are you using the latest fpGUI from the 'develop' branch?

I have also created "system color" themes for fpGUI (currently only for GTK and Win apps, Qt is in progress). Here are details (with screenshots and source):;showold=true;;sortorder=date;article=1432

Fred vS:

--- Quote ---I have also created "system color"
--- End quote ---

Wow, superb  ;)


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