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FTP Client with Lazarus?


Hi there!

Once another question (hope that can answer myself some of you)

With Delphi (Kylix 3) I started to write an FTP client. Now with Lazarus I searched an existing tool on Curlpas seemed to be what I need, but I couldn't make it work (may be I'm a little lefthanded  :lol: )

So, here's just the question, does someone knows a simple Unit, just a Unit that works together with the standard installation of Lazarus? If so, where can I get it?

By the way, is someone interested in developing an XML tool for Lazarus? If so, send me a private mail or mail me at (Please use the subject: 'XML eScript' otherwise I cannot identify your mail as a non-spam mail).

Whatever: Greetings, Aspi.

try these components


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