Author Topic: Just One Last Request on Flashfiler  (Read 4281 times)


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Just One Last Request on Flashfiler
« on: June 06, 2017, 06:41:58 pm »
I really appreciate the work that Soner A. has done on the Lazarus Flashfiler port.  In his last post in March of this year, he noted that he had fixed the problem with ff server.  I also remember reading that someone else had also fixed the "final" problem but I can't find that.

Could either Soner A. or anyone that was lucky enough to get it working please help me with the final step and either Email me or post it to the Sourceforge page ??

I've just converted several of my old projects and would love to be able to run them properly...

Thank you for being a lifesaver - whoever you are !!!


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Re: Just One Last Request on Flashfiler
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