Author Topic: After upgrading to the latest version of XCode, Lazarus does not compile anymore  (Read 11382 times)

Jonas Maebe

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Those issues do not exist after a clean installation. They only exist if you manually added a parameter that references this directory that no longer exists after the upgrade. There is little that FPC or Lazarus can do about this, since it's you that added that reference to the directory in the first place.

Apple doesn't like spending time on testing support for older Mac OS X versions with newer toolchains, so they constantly delete SDKs for older Mac OS X versions. This problem is unrelated to FPC/Lazarus and also affects people that only use Xcode. The only solution is to make backup copies of the SDKs (or Xcode) before upgrading, or to always use the latest version of the SDK.


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I finally got the older version of lazarus 1.0.14 with 2.6.2 working after installing gdb via the brew instructions and then signing the file and then setting the path. The gdb from the 4.6.3 Xcode did not work and caused compiling to fail.


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