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how compile source made with lazarus from command line???


And which packages I should install on FreeBSD to compile source made with lazarus under linux???

Hmm... this was a FAQ but I can't find it anymore.

To compile yoiur project from the command line, you have to pass the same arguments as Lazarus does. When you compile in Lazarus, you can see the command on the console.

To make it easier, you can add the -Fu -Fi etc. directives to your fpc.cfg.

something like:

Hi, I'm new on Lazarus, and about this topic I like to know... Its possible to create programs on Linux with Lazarus and  then compile it from command line on Win, without  complete installation of Lazarus for Win, just the LCL?

Sorry for my poor english :)

You even can build the win32 apps on linux

Great!!!! So much better :)

Thanks for you help Marc

(again... sorry for my english, I'm a brasilian developer and I really need to learn this language, hehe :D)


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