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I have an application that runs OK under Windows Mobile. I tested it under Windows CE 5(using the same dlls and the executable that I use under windows mobile) and the application screen appears out of the handheld screen. It appears to be in the right of the handheld screen and I only see the left border of the main form.

Another application that is more simple appear minimized when I execute it. And even clicking over it it doesn't maximize.

My someone here explain what is happening with my applications, please?

Greetings from São Paulo - Brazil



Does both devices have the same resolution ?

WinCE has some form "limitations" and you have to make the form size like yours device resolution is.

Did you tried to use HI_RES_AWARE in *.rc file,16559.0.html ?

Normally I test my application in handhelds with resolution 320 X 240. I was informed by the owner of the Win CE 5.0 handheld that it has resolution of 320 X 320. Do this difference explain the troubles? I think it doesn't.

The link,16559.0.html directs me to Lazarus project main page.. I don't understand your trial.



For me, that link lead to a thread with subject
how to make WinCE 6.5 640x480 app
in the General subforum
... you might want to search for it there.

Thank you! But I'm not "making WinCE 6.5 640x480". My original questions is about how to make a fully operational 320 X 240 Windows Mobile app runs normally in Windows CE 5.0 and earlier.




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