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makeing interfaces for wince?

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I think we are experiencing some instability because of changes on the compiler code.

Using 2.1.x is an adventure =)

I just did a clean checkout of Free Pascal 2.1 source and I will go thought the whole build process to ensure that the steps on the Wiki work. And also to detect what is missing so we can compile LCL and software from the IDE

As sson as I succeed, I will let you know which FPC revision I used and if anything had to be changed on the Wiki instructions.

thanks for your responses so far...i am really waiting for your results ;)
hope sooner you can achive those as i am now on holidays and have free times

Some partial results.

There is clearly something wrong with the compiler code. Before my WinCE Executables with debug info were 2MB in size, now they are almost 10MB. Also, now they crash with a misaligned data access. Before they worked very well.

This using revision 3100. Revision after this one won´t compile.

The solution is to find an older revision that works, until the Free Pascal developers can fix those issues.

I think the last compiler I used was from 1 month ago. Some revisions that seam good to test are 2900 (2 weeks ago) and 2700 (1 month ago).

Solution found. Use revision 3000 of the compiler =)

Revisions before that cannot be used because Lazarus code now uses some features introduced at 2996 I think.

On one of the revisions after 3000 and before 3100 some bugs were introduced. Probably some new features are being added and they caused this instability.

well thanks.
although with this compiler also file size is around 9mg and after wince-arm-strip utility it gets down to 2.

about lcl interfaces,is there any reason why they are not so alike win32 interfaces?
as they do almost very same tasks?
for example there is no preparewindow function created or....although i dont know why they choose this method.but i think if that method worked so far with win32 it might also work with wince too.

i have implemented lots of other controls,just wondering how coding styles should be...should i write as i wish or any rules or...
for example i dont like calling and seeing MultiByteToWideChar whenever i want something to be trasfered to unicode and i've implemented strtounicode as a simple function.
for example is there a problem with doing so or not?

anyway where to send modified sources?


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