Author Topic: [Now in english] FREE Visual Tool for MySQL/MariaDB/Percona - Made in Lazarus  (Read 3873 times)


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I had mentioned this tool in another topic, but at the time the software was not in English.

But now the JPDB Admin, for MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server, has a free edition and a full edition and both have English language by default. In addition, is available in more six languages​​: Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Has distributions for Windows and Linux GTK2 or QT for 32bits and 64bits.

To change the language, simply access the main menu Tools > Languages​​.

Are available, installers and portable versions for Windows, and packages: DEB, RPM and portable (tar.gz, with optional installation by shell script) for Linux.

Look at all the options on the download page:

An overview of the features of the tool is available here (in English):

Free support by email:

The JPDB Admin for MariaDB is a complete tool for managing and developing databases MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server. With tool, you can, quickly, visually create tables, views, triggers and many other structures.

The JPDB Admin for MariaDB has the following features:

     Modern look e multiplatform;
     Support Unicode and character tables;
     Wizard to easily create tables using a grid of data (MS Access and IBExpert style);
     Create and edit the main database objects (views, triggers, functions, etc.);
     Several dialogs for creating, editing and / or deleting fields, keys, foreign keys, etc.;
     Dialog for managing users and permissions;
     Data visualization, including BLOB and MEMO fields (image);
     Full editor SQL queries and scripts with code completion and highlight intelligent. Autocompleta point for table fields with view field types;
     Generates scripts CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE statements to the script editor or clipboard;
     Reports scripts and results display and export the report to PDF, HTML, text and image;
     Export SQL scripts to HTML with syntax highlighting colorful, ideal for sharing online and documentation;
     Visual Query Builder (Visually create queries without knowing SQL);
     Tools for monitoring servers MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server;
     Export the table data to SQL, TXT, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.;
     Backup Wizard and Metadata extraction;
     Import data from SQL files;
     And much more ...


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Now, the Free Edition to Linux is available from the Ubuntu Software Center.
Look for news or enter JPDB in search. Please add, there, a comment about the software.


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Already available in the site, a page with a feature matrix and comparison between the Free and Full versions:


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