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Lazarus for the Sailfish OS?


Just wondering if anyone knows if Lazarus can be used for the Sailfish OS? Wikipedia's article on Sailfish says this about Android support:

Jolla reported that Sailfish will be compatible with Android apps thanks to built in Alien Dalvik layer from Myriad Group, known for running Android apps with the Nokia N9. Many Android applications will run on Jolla devices unchanged. To take advantage of all UI and other features of Sailfish OS and make applications fast they may need porting to native Qt/QML, there are extensive guides available on porting to Qt/QML. The same refers to using MeeGo, including MeeGo Harmattan, applications on Jolla devices.

Since Laz is beginning to be able to do Android development, I was thinking it might be fun to be on the cutting edge of smartphone dev with a newer OS.

So, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with Laz development on this OS?

Thanks, Rich

Rather than using Android emulation, it might be worthwhile to use Qt etc directly.
Apparently FPC works on the Nokia N9 running Maemo, a predecessor of Meego/Sailfish, so it might well be possible.


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