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Hello, I m new to Lazarus. I ve used delphi and indy components in the past.

I would like to use indy components in wince project. Is this possible, can someone more experienced in this area give me advice about this? I ve encountered lnet components, are they more stable than indy port, what do you reccomend?


I was using Indy with Delphi, but when I switched to Lazarus I did it from many reasons, one of them is to make WinCE applications.
You can read on

--- Quote ---Some success has been reported with:

    Mac OS/X (Darwin)

--- End quote ---

I didn't tried Indy but I did LNet and it works very good on both Win32/64 and WinCE.

Thanks for your reply. I ve checked the demo examples and currently I m testing Wireless Orders from computerforce, works nice with LNet and Sqlite. Also the application is very stable.

Since you're developing for wince, can I ask you a favor? I ve downloaded Germesorders from
and when I compile it...well it just exits the app, I tried to set break points but it just crashes as soon as it compiles.

What version of FPC and Lazarus do you use now ?

What do you wont to achieve ?

My advice is to make first steps making WinCE applications with native/basdic Lazarus components with FPC 2.6.2 and Lazarus snapshot 1.1 build.

Hi, thx for your reply, I m using 1.0.8 and 2.6.2 FPC, I want to compile and test that project, please can you try, maybe I m doing something wrong?

I ve installed Rx components and folowed instructions on this page:

Thank you for your help, I will download snapshot 1.1 build.


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