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One tool I have often found handy in GExperts is the grep tool with  Advanced Project File or Folder searching, including the ability to search dfm(or in our case lfm) or through custom file filter to include additional extensions etc, and then display resuls in a tree view which showed the lines around it.

Obviously we already have a search in files option, but it doesn't have the same easy to browse/use results tree view, and isn't quite as featurefull, so  this would be an awesome feature, if it had a few more options like GExperts.

But I would especially like supported some form of advanced search and replace in this same Tree Unit/Line/Code view, so for instance you could take a large multi file project and grep for LCLLinux, then when it pulled up the results, replace all values in those files/lines you select the nodes of with LCLIntf etc thus allow fast changing and searching in a nice semi-intuitive manner. Another example is this would also be usefull for porting Kylix apps over (QButtons QStdCtrls etc).

If we do get this it might make more sense under Tools as opposed to in the Search menu.


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