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BiDi support in the native widgetset?

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The cursor follows the direction of the lang. of the word it is on.  Try it in MSNotePad and you can see how it will behave in TMemo.  Punctuation is a bit problematic as well, but that's true in almost anything.  MSWord is about the only thing I know that will do it without using something like HTML where you insert specifiers to control word sections.

Sorry, what do you mean by "follows the direction of the language"? In theory, when you press the right arrow key, the cursor should always move to the right, whatever the language. This is the proper (required) behaviour.
Sorry to be a bore, but you saying that when you press the right arrow key on Arabic text, it moves to left?

Ok, I have just tried Notepad, as you suggested, and the cursor direction is inverted for Arabic, so that answers my question.

Do you know if this happens only on Windows, or is a feature of the class itself?
If so, where can I report this as a problem to be solved?

Yes.  If you are on an Arabic word, the Right Arrow moves to the Left.  It seems strange, but once you start using it you will see that it makes more sense this way.

Sorry to contradict you, but it does NOT make sense. When the user hits an arrow key, he expects to see the cursor move in the direction visually indicated.

The best GUI toolkits (Qt and Gtk) overcome this problem, so that for example a right arrow key always moves the cursor right, even in Arabic.
Now the question is how to make modifications to TMemo.
Where can I report this feature request?


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