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BiDi support in the native widgetset?

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I see that we have different opinions on the "Best Normal" behavior, but that's OK.  As for feature request, you should use BugTracker (It's on the left side of this web page near the top).

Should my feature request be filed in Bugtracker under the Lazarus or the FPC section?

(In theory, it concerns the class itself, so I am tempted to file it under FPC, but I just want to be sure.)

Thanks again

Under Lazarus.  TMemo is LCL so it's a Lazarus issue, not FPC.  But there are other answers besides TMemo.  You might want to try some of them first.  Maybe HTML is what you are looking for.

Just to be clear: LCL cannot use Qt or Gtk2 as back-end, right? (If it could, my problem would be solved automatically).

OK.  I've tried MSWord, WordPad, NotePad, TMemo, Delphi's RichText, Visual Studio RichText and a couple of others and they all behave in the same way.  The cursor follows the direction of the word sequence they are in.  I think anything else would seem strange to me and I live in a mixed language world where I deal with R2L and L2R routinely.  I think what you are looking for is non-standard behavior for Windows.

I have no idea if you can use Qt or Gtk2 with Lazarus.


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