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BiDi support in the native widgetset?

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Some time ago I read on this forum that there was work going on in the trunk about adding BiDi support to the native widgetset.
Is this BiDi-oriented effort still going on? What is its progress status?


What specifically do you need BiDi support for?  I may be able to help.  I have done a lot or work and have most things working for RightToLeft.

Thanks, Avishai.
Simply to be able to edit text within a window, with mixed text (RTL & LTR) on the same line. For example, Arabic and English text on the same line.

If you mean something like "بامبسي sadff شسيبس sfasfd" then that should not be a problem.  You don't even need BiDiMode for that.  You can use TMemo for that.  You only need to switch Keyboard languages.  At least for MSWindows.  If you need something that can Left justify one line and Right justify the next, then I don't have an answer for that.

If you don't already have code for switching keyboard lang (MSWindows). let me know.

Edit: I typed the mixed text example in NotePad just switching lang.

Yes, that's what I need to do.
So, you say that I don't even need Qt for that? That is, can I do it with LCL's native widgets?
Switching between keyboard layouts should not be a problem.

But one more question: when you have mixed text on the same line (as in the example you gave, which seems to be perfectly fine), and you move the cursor along the line (right and left arrow keys), how does the cursor behave, while moving from one end to the other of the line? Does it behave normally, i.e. as if it was normal text from the same language? Or by keeping pressed the same arrow key, the direction of the cursor suddenly changes when it reaches the text in the other language?


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