Author Topic: Listview column resize bug or just logic error on my part ?  (Read 1465 times)


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I have a listview with 3 columns
I wish that when the listview resizes column 2 and 3 resize to take up the new space and column1 stays the same size

Doing this code in the OnResize of the treeview will cause "weird" behaviour. (e.g the first item in the ownerdata list appears at row 1000+ at new initialization and no vertical scrollbar is visible)
Code: [Select]
procedure TMainForm.LVResize(Sender: TObject);
var widthleft: integer;

  LV.columns[1].width:=widthleft div 2;
Is this just a bug on my part due to Resizing columns in the OnResize and thus causing a loop (which lazarus is sadly enough handling for me without crashing with a stackerror) or is this just a bug in the lcl ?
I have already fixed it by putting it on the onresize of control that the listview is on, but just wondering if I should report it or not
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