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New Lazarus User: any examples available?


Giuseppe RidinĂ²:
Hi, first of all I want to say that I am new here.
I arrived here casually. I was looking for a free IDE to make some programs for my own use and for make some practise about programming.
This was less then an year ago.
First I was looking for C and C++ and found DevCpp. I made few progs with it.
Then I saw the DevPas was there and this made my remember when I used to program with Pascal (about 18 years ago!)... so many nice recalls  :)
Well.... the step from DevPas to Lazarus was due to FreePascal, of course!  :wink:
It was (and still it is) very nice and interesting to start to program once again with Pascal, even if OO'ed.

I find Lazarus is a very nice project and I find it very interesting. I really wish it to get more and more people interested in it!

Finally the point (see the topic subject  :roll: )...
IMO examples are missing in this site. For those who are new in Lazarus but know Delphi they may be useless, while for those who are new in Lazarus and Delphi (and/or Pascal too), it is not easy to start doing something in Lazarus. I refer to this kind of people.

One dealing for the first time with Lazarus may easily give up, and switch to another IDE/Language. Once they will start to use and get familiar with another IDE they will rarely switch back to try again Lazarus, and probably their interest to Lazarus will be lost forever.

The questions is:
"Are examples of small functionals programs using Lazarus available?"
"Are tutorials to help new interested people to learn how to program using Lazarus?"

I think that somewhere in this site there should be a section dedicated to these staffs, maybe in a new section in the Main Menu called "Tutorials/Examples", providing with links to docs and or files/project created by the Lazarus users to help those new users to start using Lazarus.

Well,... I hope I haven't been to much boring!  8)

Well.... if it could be interesting, I have uploaded my first simple application created using Lazarus into my HomePage:
It is a simple Mine Field game version.

Bye, :D

Tutorials for beginners in Delphi should apply equally to Lazarus, but I agree that you can never have too many beginners tutorials. The only Lazarus tutorial I have been able to locate in the last 5 minutes is at
The site should be explored thoroughly by anyone interested in Lazarus

Hi folks!

Before I started with Lazarus I worked with Visual Basic. There's a site where is a huge library of tutorials, tips and complete descriptions for specific problems. would be a nice thign if there will be such a library of knowledge for lazarus


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