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Can Lazarus build program for PocketPC?

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Vincent Snijders:

--- Quote from: "sekel" ---Currently the IDE can be used to write and design the software, but it cannot be used to compile it. We are working on it and should be fixed in maybe 1 month
--- End quote ---

What is missing?

I've been thinking some more about Symbian ;)

I probably don't have the time to write the RTL for Symbian, but I remembered the Bounty page on the wiki. Since I didn't find it when searching now, and neither a place on the FreePascal wiki (since this is more a FPC thing), I decided to post here again ;)

I would be willing to put a bounty of $1000 on a Symbian version of the RTL plus one small GUI app sample (e.g. similar to the one on my blog). Depending on the difficulties (I'm not sure if Series 60/80/90 and UIQ 2/3 would need different RTLs) that's also open to negotiations.

Any suggestions on where to better post this are welcome of course :)

Please post this on the wiki bounties page:

It´s located on the Lazarus Wiki, but Free Pascal related things are also welcome. I also don´t know if different RTLs are needed, but since this is a possibility, also post there what is your prefered SymbianOS widgetset and version (for example: UIQ version 3.0). After a first widget is done the others will be easier.

Sorry... i searched for "bounty" and even "money", but didn't think to look for the plural :D Should've known better, I stumble across that singular/plural thing on Wikipedia all the time ;)


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