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strange experience with sqlite
« on: March 17, 2006, 12:15:00 pm »
UPDATE Anagrafica SET Cognome= "60",  Nome= "",  Famiglia= "",  Indirizzo= "",  Citta= "",  DataNascita= "",  LuogoNascita= "",  email= "",  Telefono= "",  Cellulare= "",  Sub= "sub" WHERE Codice= 307

(sorry for the fields in not-english language)

i dont paste code or put version numbers, because i think that the bug is in my brain and not in the component code...

i didnt checked harder, and this post is meant as experience report :D

... but it seems that the posted query doesnt change "sub" in field "sub". it changes all the other words that my mind can generate.. but not the word "sub" (like the name of the field).

 :shock: fixed the problem changin field name to "Tipo" (=type)


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