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Property Editor not working in Windows


Hi guys,

First, let me say that I'm impressed with how slick Lazarus looks, and being a long-time fan of Delphi I hope this project can carry the torch (Borland seems to be losing the plot recently).

I have been trying the standalone Windows installation, 0.9.1 on WinNT 4 SP6.   Unfortunately, the propery editor does not work for any properties which are not simple strings or integers.  E.g, attempting to change the font face, or any drop-down list  (the drop-down lists simply disable themselves when I click on them).

Is this a known issue?

steve d.

AFAIK Lazarus is unable to change font faces (yet). Major nuisance which unfortunately is well out of my depth... :(

I have been using a Linux version since November very successfully and I recently tried the Win32 binary with the same problem you have found: only the first dropdown list works, after that the options are not displayed. It is still possible to type in the required option if you know what it is.


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