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Opening Delphi-Projects in Lazarus


Matthias K├╝mmerer:

I have just installed Lazarus and now I want to open a Delphiproject, which I have written. As written in the faq, I have converted the form-file to a lrs-file and included it. Now Larazus does compile my project, but it does not open the formfile, thus I cannot edit it, only the unit. When using "F12" nothing happens. Does anyone know something?


ps: sorry for my English, I am no nativespeaker, but a still a pupil.

I have solved the problem. I forgot to write a new form.lfm. Now it works. But there is another problem: The Shortcuts of the Actions do not work. I can execute the actions by <action>.execute, but if I hit the shortcut, the action does not execute. Does anyone know what is wrong?


Shortcut don't work verywell at the moment. They will be fixed some day


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