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ppcmipsel on openwrt/freetz

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Yep diff shows differences in
* entry point address (probably not important?)
* start of section headers (likewise)
* Flags: 0x50001001 for FPC where the working one has 0x50001005 and it also has cpic as you mentioned
* Number of program headers, section headers, string table index

No idea if the difference in flags is relevant (don't even know what they signify :) )

I can compile with -Cg and get CPIC into.

--- Quote ---Flags:                             0x50001005, noreorder, cpic, o32, mips32

--- End quote ---
According to this posting the 0x5... flag is a bug. But how do I change the elf header?

Yep. Don't know how you can change it; perhaps ask on the fpc list; there might be a workaround in the compiler (or perhaps... we can get one put in ;) )

Got this response on the fpc list, suggesting looking into ld

Also found this, might be useful/relevant:

Thanks for your assistance. Maybe my reply was not correct but it can be found in the archives:


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