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ppcmipsel on openwrt/freetz

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Thank you, MarkML. This looks too complicated.
When I selected the target mips and restarted the project I got the error:

The project uses target OS=linux and CPU=mips.
The system.ppu for this target was not found in the FPC binary directories.

As far I understood I have to compile FPC with some flag to support the mips.
It would be great if I can just install some package in apt but looks like there is only fpc and nothing else.

There are a  number of pre made FPC 'kits' to suit mips, mipsel and a range of arm cpus at

The wiki page, talks about how to install them. While not specificially about cross compile, there should be enough information there. I think.


I was involved with some of the porting. It was about June, there were two different compiler attempts to be reconciled (they'd languished since SGI etc. had abandoned MIPS), and somebody in China was screaming for FPC support before the start of the next academic year: I suspect he'd sold a large number of small computers into schools on the basis that there was a Pascal compiler. The promised development hardware didn't arrive, so while I can say that it ran in emulation I never saw it running natively.

But since then I've /definitely/ seen reports of problems on OpenWRT, which I believe was a problem with the underlying libraries.



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