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Fred vS:
Hello everybody.
Happy to be the first audio topic.  :-[

But it is not really the first audio topic, they are many others already.
Here some of audio-topics :

Audio functions?,17306.msg95160.html#msg95160

Tip: Lazarus and BASS, play audio on Linux and Windows,9020.msg43878.html#msg43878

Soft Synthesizer,19705.msg112425.html#msg112425

Audio for Lazarus,19297.msg109646.html#msg109646

LADSPA for FP. Anyone interested?,19749.msg112867.html#msg112867

Providing a Windows Multimedia Example Program,20069.msg115180.html#msg115180

Microphone and audio in Linux,18893.msg106941.html#msg106941

United OpenLib of Sound (UOS),17599.msg97293.html#msg97293

Using Lazarus to play MP3 through default player (eg Windows Media Player)?,19699.msg112372.html#msg112372


As a companion to this forum topic there is a new audio category in the Lazarus and FPC wiki at .

Please improve and expand as required.

Fred vS:
@ jwdietrich : well done and many thanks.

PS : Hum, i do not understand how to edit Category:Audio  :-[

If i try to edit your text, i only get :

--- Quote ---Editing Category:Audio
--- End quote ---
in the edit-page.   :-X,

I do not find the way to expand the content :

--- Quote ---Category:Audio
This category has only the following subcategory.
S   Speech synthesis
Pages in category "Audio"
The following 7 pages are in this category, out of 7 total.
    Audio libraries

F   FPC and SDL
--- End quote ---


The Lazarus wiki is based on a MediaWiki engine. Here you assign a page to a category by writing [[Category:<Categoryname>]] at the bottom of the respective page. Therefore, if you want to add a page to the category audio you write [[category:audio]] in this page. You don't have to change the category itself.

In a similar way you may add subcategories.

Fred vS:
@ jwdietrich : many thanks.


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