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BlueStacks for an Android Emulator?


Has anyone tried to set up Bluestacks as an emulation environment?
Supposedly this is doable in Eclipse according to a thread from the xdadevelopers forum.

Search 'bluestacks as your alternate' to go right there.

Apparently Eclipse has the ability to define a 'device' over tcpip and target the compiled .apk directly to this emulator. How nice would that be?

Any thoughts?

It is actually a very nice emulator. Very fast.

Sorry to restart such a old thread but maybe someone in the future will have the same doubt. This is already possible, just:

start Bluestacks and enable Android Debug Bridge (ADB) in preferences
open a cmd
go to the folder you uncompress the android SDK and in platform-tools ex: C:\fpcupdeluxe\tools_r25.2.5-windows\platform-tools
run adb connect localhost:5555
thats it!

as log as you have running bluestacks when you create the APK it will connect to bluestacks, install the app and runit

also if you want to get the logcat just in the same CMD run

adb shell

the prompt should change to something like

OnePlus3T:/ $

there just type logcat -d

to view the logcat or

logcat -c

to clear it.


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