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Sharing of large files
« on: April 15, 2013, 01:26:12 pm »
I have seen many people wanting to share large files, and use various services on the internet. Most of them have only than single function, expire the link after a while, and also bombard you with adverts. The last thing I want to see while downloading a legit shared attachment, is porn of Viagra ads  - that is very annoying.

I highly recommend you try Ubuntu One [], which is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android. You get 5GB of data storage free, and can share files (with the public, or privately with your own devices) and sync files with great ease. Plus,  NO distracting ads in the interface. Yeah! :-)

As a bonus, if you get others to join, you _both_ get another 500MB free - just click the following link to sign up and we both score.

Mozilla Thunderbird 16 and above even has Ubuntu One support built-in. By default file attachments over 5MB (configurable) will trigger Thunderbird and ask if you rather want to use FileLink, which will then upload the file to Ubuntu One, mark it as public, and instead of an
attachment, give a download link. This is pretty neat. You can directly use the FileLink feature too, you don't have to wait on Thunderbird to trigger the response. Download links also don't expire (unlike other services), until you physically delete them.

I have been using the Ubuntu One service between two computers (a Linux system and iMac) and my Android phone. It works really well. The integrated support with Mozilla Thunderbird is also a huge bonus.

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