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People here like voting so ...

I voted no.

While suggestions, opinions, contributions, participation, etc, should be encouraged and considered but a project the scale of Lazarus cannot be real democracy. It should be under a project manager who at times must be a dictator. The success or failure of the project hinges on his/her ability(and those of his/her project members) to coordinate various development efforts and to encourage more users for the success of the project.

The website (although not asked here) can have a more liberal dose of democracy but still not a real democracy. Maybe encourage participation and contributions as well as giving due consideration to the wishes of the majority but in the end - still not full democracy.-

Nothing should be left shouldered for 1 person alone. What if he goes missing for 3 months, or maybe never returns for unknown/unexpected reason?

Voted yes because of the bug tracker, open discussion and generally being open source for everyone.

It is a democracy, but not in the way people commonly think about it. People usually think that they just have to do a vote and try to select someone who will do as much as possible for our own needs. Very often we forget that there is a high input to make the system work, the taxes, which everyone pays and without which the system would collapse.

Nowadays it doesn't exist anymore, but many democracies until 1900 utilized this input (taxes) to measure the value of each vote. So richer people, which therefore paid more taxes, had more voting power. That's the kind of democracy that Lazarus is. But here the input is not money, but rather contribution. People that contribute a lot have a lot of say in the project. People that contribute nothing have ... no decision power.

@User137: if there's no democracy, you can still have shared responsibility, backup roles, substitution (however you want to call it).

Democracy is the antithesis of many things: dictatorship, oligarchy, meritocracy. Let's be kind and say Laz is one of the 2 latter with a benevolent father figure guiding the overall direction ;)

However, I do agree that both a democracy and a non-democracy can be open in the sense that people's opinions are heard. It's only what happens with those opinions that makes the difference.

Phew. Who whould have expected philosophy while programming, but perhaps this is a good time to discuss these things...


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